DAILY DEVOTIONAL: Daily Outworking: Practically

Sorry ->Help ->Grace ->Glory

Don’t forget the sorry!

Take up the shield of faith  Eph 6:16

Take up:  Means go back to wherever you left it, and pick it up!

The shield:  Multiple layers of animal skin framed with metal and covered with  ornate strips of metal

Daily maintenance of your faith

Daily activities of a soldier: 

1. Cover (in order to soften), paint the shield with oil 

Soak in the Holy Spirit every day (worship, tongues, waiting on God, shut up and soak, marinade, come out of there dripping and leaking, Jehovah Shammah!)

2. Soak the shield in water    Why?  

In case you get hit with one of those fiery (combustible) darts (arrows) of the devil Eph 6:16[2]

Soak in the Word – suggests not just read, instead MEDITATE on the word  – consider,  muse, mutter, say it again with synonyms until soaking in the Word becomes soaking in the spirit because the “words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life: Jn 6:63” 

Are we warriors?  Let’s do the daily maintenance on our equipment.  There’s a lot more to spiritual warfare than prayer and proclamation.  There are some “weapons that are not carnal – 2 Cor 10:4)” which the Holy Spirit will show us and train us to use, but we’ve got to do the daily maintenance.

And don’t forget the sorry!