[Post] Father’s Day Mental Health reflection

Fathers provide for their children

If a man doesn’t look after his own [dependents] he is worse than an infidel, and has denied the faith – 1 Tim 5:8

Correct foundation (for our mental health)

“You have not, because you ask not.  Ask, and it will be given you….”

“Your heavenly Father knows what you have need of….”


1. Ask 2. Use what you’re gifted 3. Be grateful

Incorrect foundation (for our mental health)

Work, and you shall have only what you earn….(this is the doctrine of the heathen) – Matthew 6:32 [read in context]

Receiving from God on the basis of sonship, not on the basis of servanthood is fundamental to our faith, and is a foundation for the nation’s mental health

Idleness and laziness are sinful and ungodly [2 Thess 3:6-15] and should not be encouraged by “feeding the idle and lazy”, but this is not the same as men being entirely self made, and earning what we receive on the basis of our work, rather than by gift.

While the Protestant Work Ethic undoubtedly solves some problems, it sets a foundation in place that is just as much outside of the faith as the problem it solves.

Jesus said (directly and via Paul)

“If a man doesn’t look after his own [children] he is worse than an infidel, and has denied the faith” – 1 Tim 5:8

“The faith” here is the knowledge that “I can ask my Father for anything that is according to His will and expect to receive it”.  Stoic refusal to ask, as encouraged by one interpretation of the Protestant Work Ethic, is actually the folly of Cain, and a dishonoring of our heavenly Father.  The result of our reticence to make requests to our Heavenly Father is that we, when we become fathers, don’t have and therefore can’t meet the requests of our children. Anything that absolves us from the responsibility to provide an inheritance for our children, cements this “sandy” foundation for our nation’s mental health. Thus we become a nation of heathens (deniers of the faith). This is certainly one of the foundations of our mental health epidemic.

Enter Jesus the disrupter/restorer: Let’s ask Him a question:

If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do? Ps 11:3

Joel 2:17  –  Let the priests weep between the porch and the altar

Weeping is real action if it is between the porch and the altar.

God will hear, and will answer [in response to our request], and repair our nation’s mental health, in this season of “shakings”.