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Why do we need intercession training?

So that we will see an increase in the effectiveness of our prayers. Ecclesiastes 10: 9-10 says: “If the iron is blunt and we do not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed.”

We are not training instead of praying, we are training alongside our prayers.

WHY: God wants us to be sharp [Isa 41:15]. Ecc 10:10 tells us that sharpening our skills is wise. James 4:3 tells us that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of our prayers. We want to see a sharpening of our Upper Room related intercession as well as our Region specific mission related intercession.

WHAT: We have a chat room set up which is dedicated to receiving testimonies of what God is doing – shifting our perspective, our faith, and in seeing an increase in the effectiveness of our prayers.

WHO: We a hoping to have a broad company of teachers, learners and hopefully most of us will be both teachers and learners. We are looking forward to a forum in which there is a lot of discussion and opportunity to learn from each other.

HOW: a) Impartation from the speakers

b) Instruction through discussion

c) Mutual encouragement

d) Sharpening of our strategic focus

Please click on this package of information below, and respond by email to indicating your availability to speak or to lead a workshop on one or more of the following topics:

1. The Lord’s prayer : Our Father : Eduardo Missiones                          

2. The Holy Spirit

a. Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire,  : Peter Persaud

b. Praying what Jesus and the Holy Spirit are praying         Peter Persaud                   

c. Being led of the Spirit    Peter Persaud

3. Praying the word Grace Kimani

4. How to identify the spiritual battles we need to fight – 26th April

5. Worship and hearing God a. Through pictures/impressions b. Through dreams and visions Richard Singh 3rd May

6. Spiritual Authority and the Name of Jesus – Joan Edgill – 10th May

7. The Cross and the Blood of Jesus – 17th May

8. Fasting and Spiritual discernment -24th May

9. Spiritual Identification with the person(s) we are praying for – 31st May

10. Understanding the nature of God the judge 7th June

11. The ministry of the Holy Spirit in intercession Sushilkumar Desai – 14th June

12. Receiving and Fulfilling Spiritual mandates 21st June

13. The importance of a Holy life Sushilkumar Desai – 28th June

14. Strategies for achieving spiritual breakthrough

    a. Spiritual mapping – 5th July

    b. Unity building strategies (fellowship between competitors) 12th July

c. Envisioning and Training 19th July

d. Relationship building [building bridges] 26th July

    e. Equipping and discipling believers (Christ’s vision and strategy)

                  [Getting the whole body to function] 2nd August

15. Spiritual protection  [putting on the whole armor of God] Elinor Jordan 9th August

Here is the package: