Increase in spiritual power is in the middle ground – fear not!! We know that the power is in the truth, e.g. the truth concerning mission and that we must learn the truth in order to experience the power However, when we have experienced power we tend to guard the truth behind that power, not realizing that the power we have experienced can be increased … Continue reading Partnership

The heart of man

 Jeremiah 17:1-11 Excerpt from an exposition by Alexander MacLaren, quoted in the Bible Hub Verse 1 1“The sin of Judah is written with an iron stylus, engraved with a diamond point on the tablets of their hearts …” “Sin committed is indelibly written on the heart of the doer. ‘The heart,’ of course, in Hebrew means more than merely the supposed seat of the affections. … Continue reading The heart of man

The human conscience

John 4:18 Jesus said, “you have five husbands”.    Much is made of the fact that people have a tendency of torturing themselves with guilt.  The approach of the psychologists of our day is to say to a human being, “It’s not your fault”.  This is an attempt to head people away from the dangerous area of self blame, which can lead to self destruction.  Instead, … Continue reading The human conscience