Increase in spiritual power is in the middle ground – fear not!!

We know that the power is in the truth, e.g. the truth concerning mission

and that we must learn the truth in order to experience the power

However, when we have experienced power we tend to guard the truth behind that power, not realizing that the power we have experienced can be increased

There are governing principles for partnership – here’s one:

If two ministers are standing on different truths and both are experiencing power, it stands to reason that there is even greater power in the ground between them.   They should fellowship, then keep adjusting towards the middle, until the power decreases, then hold that ground.

For example, history shows that both Calvinist and Armenian evangelists have moved in power.

Even greater power will be experienced if they operate in partnership, but in order to do so, both must receive revelation gained by looking at the example of our Lord, that shifts them both so that they now stand on common ground.  On that ground they will each experience even greater power.   

Here is the common ground as I understand it, between Calvinists and Armenians:

Our responsibility (using mixed metaphors) is:

  • Prepare the ground with love
  • Sow the seed with the truth
  • Pull down strongholds that block the flow of grace by making men unwilling to receive it
  • Reap the harvest of the predestined


  • We do not need to know beforehand who is predestined [this is actually a wicked desire, but the Holy Spirit needs to reveal to us the wickedness of such a desire]
  • We must not assume that everyone who is predestined will be saved
  • The fact that people will not be saved without the predestination of the Lord and the drawing of the Lord, does not somehow imply that people will be saved without us fulfilling our responsibility.

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