Faith that works by love: Gal 5:6

Love means that I am so concerned with maintaining the value of someone else that I am not concerned about maintaining the value in myself.  “Greater love hath no man than this, than that a man laid down his life for his friends.”, plus other scriptures.

This helps me to convert belief into faith [by taking action] much earlier – because fear is the restraint.  But perfect love casts out fear.

Becoming an active rather than a hesitant disciple is not just about receiving the Father’s love, it’s also about receiving the grace to love.

Love goes and bridges the gap, which is in itself an act of faith.

Love steps out fearlessly:  truly faith works by love.

Let’s call uneasiness what it is:  it is a warning that danger is ahead.  It makes me ‘count the cost’ and ask the question:  Do I have the love and the corresponding faith to overcome this hurdle?   If the answer is yes, I power on with joy.  If the answer is no, I freeze in fear.

Jesus said that the love and the faith that I have  (which determines whether I stand or crumble in the storm) are based on my foundations.  Our character is constructed by what we do, not what we think about doing. So a hesitant, fearful person is building on sand, a house with a faith foundation that is not real faith.  [sand and rock have the same ingredients – belief, in this case.  The pressure of love that demands action has not turned the sand into rock or belief into faith, or maybe the waves of life have eroded our faith and turned it back into sand – belief on which we are too fearful to act…..]

The problem with Mark 11:23 is that it demands a manifestation.  We either have a manifestation that everyone can bear witness to, or we have a manifestation that only the person with ‘faith’ testifies to.  Note the inverted commas.  Faith does not require the bending of truth.  The convenience of most modernism is that by it, we are forgiven for departing from the truth.   

When the manifestation still cannot be testified to by all and sundry, faith expresses itself in patience – meaning either persistence, or importunity, or tarrying.  This is the faith that the Lord is looking to find on the earth when He returns, that is the faith that continues to believe with corresponding action when all the signs seem to indicate that “the master delays his coming”.  Truth is never sacrificed, even which it would seem convenient to do so.  That’s the thing about truth, it requires courage.   Words like “if I perish, I perish” come to mind, for the person that is a full fledged disciple.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to go full throttle for the kingdom

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