Do not throw away your confidence

Heb 10:35  So do not throw away your confidence; it holds a great reward.

Jesus said in Mark 11:23-24 “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

The Scriptures are full of references to believing, having confidence, having faith, and puts this attribute squarely at the center of its teaching.  Romans 10:10 “for with the heart man believes”  taken together with 1 Samuel 16:7 “Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart” establishes our believing, our faith, as the central thing that we should guard and grow, and on which we should focus.    1 John 5:4 says, “And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith” 

If we take a further look at Mark 11:23-24, it tells us that there is a spiritual force that results from believing and speaking what we believe – a force that is spiritually creative.  This is no surprise since we are created in the image of God according to Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 1:3 states “And God said…”.  The result of God speaking was that “there was light”.  His words are creative, and apparently so are ours, if we believe and do not doubt in our hearts.

Proverbs 4:23 which states “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life.” therefore means “Be careful about what you allow yourself to believe”.  The Devil aka “Father of lies” tricked Adam and Eve into believing the wrong things about God – or disbelieving the right things about God.  These belief systems are passed down from generation to generation and have to be specifically pulled down (or uprooted, depending on which metaphor is in play).

Acts 16:31 tells us that there is an instant, followed by a progressive salvation which happens when we believe in Jesus. Greek: pisteuo:   – to trust in Jesus or God as able to aid either in obtaining or in doing something: saving faith, to be persuaded, to place confidence in. One commentator further amplified: To roll yourself onto, as you would onto a bed. 

Prayer:  Luke 17:5 – Lord, increase our faith!

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