How to receive from God

(or what hinders us from receiving)

  1. God does not respond to casual seekers Jer 29:13
  2. A desire to function within ourselves and our current capabilities – love limiting what I do to what I can comfortably do : 2 kings 13:19
  3. A casual attitude towards sin – not recognizing how frighteningly righteous God is
  4. Thinking that our willingness is all that is required in order to do the work of God Luke 24:49
  5. Lack of knowledge about how to be filled with the Spirit. Eph 5:18-
  6. Not recognizing that every spiritual activity (including receiving from God) must be by the Spirit. Either the Spirit would be with me through the laying on of hands or prayer, or by personal worship and thanksgiving – these things make it possible to be filled with the Spirit and to receive by the Holy Spirit. This goes for receiving everything, including receiving the spirit of repentance or mourning for our sins. Matt 5:8,9

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