Fasting notes

1. Have a definite purpose for the fast: put before the Lord what you intend to achieve

2. Have a definite beginning and end time for the fast

3. Think of fasting and prayer as two separate activities, fasting being a time of waiting, humbling, focus, and denying the flesh

4. Purpose of fasting: 

  • a. Subjugation of the flesh 
  • b. For spiritual growth 
  • c.  Seeking God for guidance, direction 
  • d. a mean of humbling myself 
  • e. for setting the captives free  f. for increase in faith (as opposed to simply operating based on principles)

5. Prepare for your fast – suggest there is much prayer during this time, and have a period when you come off your fast gradually.  Suggest there is also much prayer during this period.

6. You can think of tithing in a similar way to fasting – it is commanded, and it is useful in a similar way for your financial health.

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