Ready for school, sir!

So here’s me, committed to retraining.   But how?

Well, the best form of retraining is mentoring.  Learn to be mentored by people that are not necessarily mentoring you.  Take courses, watch videos, listen to sermons, read books.  These speakers and authors don’t know you personally and are certainly not committed to mentoring you.  Never mind. Read between the lines of what they are saying, and get to the hints about who they are, and what they did to become who they currently are. Imitate their attitudes, their world view and copy their values and their priorities (the way they spend their time).

How do you know when you’ve been successfully mentored?  when you acquire the enthusiasm and fearless abandon of your mentor.  Re-read that book, watch that video again until that happens. If you’re being mentored by a Biblical character (Jesus Christ, I recommend), take the re-reading thing to another level.  Re-read each line in each verse, until you’re filled with the inspiration that authored those words in the first place.  

When you feel both the enthusiasm and the abandon, you’re good to go and act out your convictions and lead some people.

Part of the mentoring process is asking questions.  You can read or watch a video with questions in mind.  Even better, because the Lord is with us, we can ask Him the questions.

A great question to ask is,  what is the appropriate action to take as a faith response to this thing that I now believe you have provided for me?

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