No more silence!

  • It is imperative that we understand the Scriptures, then read them in the light of that understanding
  • The leadership of Christ sits high above the walls which we struggle to see past – culture, church, networks, job, marriage and family, legacy… 
  • Jesus is our head and because of love we’re bound to go where he leads…
  • Our identity, which seems to be constantly shifting, must be stabilized, rooted in Christ, soldiers of the cross, citizens of heaven
  • The direct teachings of Christ speak plainly to the question of identity and forbid us to live the way we do for the most part – absorbed, tired, reactionary. They demand  instead that we be rested, loving and proactive. 
  • As an expression of his righteousness, his demands are more than matched by his grace, providing exceedingly more than what we need in order to live in the way he demands. 
    • To access this grace, all he requires is a decision to faithfully follow Him.
  • The scriptures outline a tri-partite strategy for conquering our cities – the apostolic, direct divine intervention and a mobilized ekklesia. By these three working together, the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God in a wave of kingdom expansion that exceeds the former rain and precedes our Lord’s return.
  • What’s ekklesia, you might ask…It’s what Jesus promised to build, and it’s like leaven that fills the whole dough. If you can’t wait to confront  today’s ISIS or tomorrow’s new threatening ideology and can’t wait to dive into the darkest places in the earth and demonstrate right living, then you understand ekklesia, and you probably understand the Gospel as well….

 As Christ’s return approaches, things are being restored to their original form — Matthew 5,6 and 7 and the 5th Gospel (the Book of Revelation) are being read,  missional is the new buzz word…and some people are even reading the other writings of John and Paul (the Gospel, the Letters ) and the Book of Acts…

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